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Clean Less, Live More: Effective Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

July 06, 2020

Do you ever think about the money you’ve spent on clothes you’re keeping but not wearing? What about the time you’ve wasted on sorting them every now and then?

Don’t wait before your closet runs out of space. Below are tricks that can help you manage those extra clothes and other forms of clutter in your home.

Clean Less, Live More

Recognize Hoarding Tendencies

You don’t really need multiple sets of kitchen and dining wares. It’s also unnecessary to keep several boxes of high school and college memorabilia. Those knickknacks in your drawers don’t have much use as well. You’re hoarding things and it’s best to toss them out.

Apply One In, One Out Principle

Before you get new shoes, consider tossing out an old pair first. Do the same thing when you’re tempted to buy clothes, bags and gadgets. This principle is even more necessary when you’re shopping for new furniture or appliance. This principle won’t reduce your waste directly, but it will keep you from accumulating more clutter.

Sell or Donate Unneeded Items

Those extra throw pillows have to go, but they don’t have to end up in landfills. Consider doing a garage sale. Online auctions and sales are great disposal options as well. After your annual general cleaning, you can also donate the things you no longer use. The money and/or satisfaction you’ll get from the said activities could serve as your motivation to declutter.

Go for Eco-friendly Products

Invest on a bidet instead of relying on toilet paper all the time. Bring your own washable shopping bags for your supermarket trips. For your baking needs, use a reusable baking mat. Get used to bamboo-made toothbrushes and razors as well.

And there comes a lot more with it. Once you dig deeper into shopping eco-friendly, there are countless opportunities to expand your green footprint.

Realize the Value of Empty Spaces

Those urns and sculptures add a feeling of sophistication in your living room and hallways. It’s also delightful to look at your bloom-filled vase on top of your console table. However, think about how it’s more convenient to have more space on your floor or tables. 

This doesn’t mean you have to remove all displays in your home. What you need to do is pick a few things to showcase, and let the empty spaces highlight them. 

For example, if you want a painting to stand out in your living room, make sure it’s the only item hanging on a single wall. Don’t fill the other walls with clutter as well. By doing so, you help ensure that work of art gets the attention it deserves.


Instead of staying organized, your organizers may be encouraging you to hoard more things. For example, you don’t need to get a condiment rack. In your kitchen, you can put the most used condiments on the counter and store the rest on a cupboard. 

Aside from your organizing habits, pay attention to your skin and hair care routines, too. You can simplify them by reducing the products you’re using. This saves time and money. Furthermore, using fewer products is likely more beneficial to your skin and hair.

Keeping clutter at bay isn’t that hard. If you feel lazy to deal with them right now, think about the time you’ll waste on cleaning, organizing and disposing them in the future. More importantly, imagine the better things you can do with your time and money, and without the mess that’s holding you back.

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