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Is Glass Eco Friendly?

January 21, 2020

Glass is one of the few materials that are 100% recyclable. Even if other waste products can easily be removed: Sustainable packaging materials made from reusable glass, in particular, meet the highest climate protection requirements. Glass fills the term sustainability as packaging. Glass packaging also meets economic and social needs, and health protection also plays an important role.


We will show you exactly why glass is eco-friendly.


Raw material from nature

Glass packaging such as bottles or glasses consists almost exclusively of raw materials that our nature has in store, and that is available in sufficient quantities. Also, transport routes are significantly shorter; the production has a reasonable price in your own country. Recycled glass, in particular, is increasingly used in the production of packaging.

In the meantime, recyclable glass has a share of around 60% in packaging production. Even after repeated use, glass can be recycled and filled without damage to its quality. More and more glass manufacturers are aware of their environmental responsibility and produce sustainably - not only in the packaging industry but also in the glass processing and finishing sector.

Last but not least, glass is the optimal coating for various filling goods, like food or even for plants on your wall. Sustainability combined with resource conservation has never been so much in focus as it is now. More and more consumers are relying on recyclable packaging materials - glass collects plus points in every aspect.


Fewer waste thanks to the reusable glass system

Glass is not only an environmentally friendly material due to the use of natural raw materials, but the reusable system also makes a decisive contribution to climate and environmental protection. Reusable packaging made of glass creates a significant contribution to reducing the mountains of rubbish because glass packaging can be recycled and refilled around 50 times. Reusable glass packaging is usable for approximately six years.

The ability to recover drastically reduces energy production costs. There are considerable energy costs for the production of new glass containers. Glass packaging does not absorb foreign matter and can be filled with food such as milk, juice, water, jam, fish, yoghurt or products from other industries.

Filling when using recyclable glass packaging also generates only low costs. Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from this, for which investments in take-back systems are too expensive. Customers can also use glass bottles or jars with screw caps several times, for example, by shopping in health food stores and filling the glass packaging with food such as pasta, sugar or coffee.


Health protection and more enjoyment

Glass packaging serves to protect the health, and the content is more enjoyable. A glass container does not change the taste or smell of the materials. Even substances from the environment cannot penetrate glass packaging.

Interactions that occur more frequently between the content and some plastics are excluded in glass packaging. Food in liquid or solid form does not lose vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a glass container, but remains in its original form. Glass offers the perfect protection for all kinds of contents and is 100% watertight.

Another advantage, because in the case of mineral water or lemonade, for example, the carbon dioxide remains in the bottle, and vice versa, no harmful environmental influences penetrate from the outside. Reusable glass meets the highest demands for sustainable packaging that benefits people, animals and the environment.


More glass; more eco-efficient

Being more cautious pays off in the long run: Only one glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle a day means almost 100 less plastic bottles after 3 months. If you want to check out more benefits and facts about this eco friendly option, have a look here:

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