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3 Life Hacks for Your Garden

December 21, 2019

Having a sustainable garden is what we should aim for. Whether we own a large garden or a smaller urban garden: Growing our vegetables, becoming more aware of how we treat our plants, and embracing nature in the process is not easy. Here are some quick tips on what you should keep in mind for your sustainable garden.


Lifehacks for your garden 

Egg boxes as seed cups

Growing your culinary herbs or tomatoes is cheap and fun too. There is no need for expensive seedling breeding stations. Fill an empty egg box with growing soil and grow the seedlings in it. To put it in a larger flower pot, you can tear the egg box apart and plant the seedlings in the paper bowl in the large pot. The egg carton will disintegrate on its own within a few weeks.


Endless salad

The stalk remains with the salad. Instead of throwing it away, you can put it in a glass of water for 1-2 days and as soon as it takes root, plant it in a flowerpot on the balcony or in the garden. The upper part of the trunk should look out of the earth. Gradually, the lettuce leaves grow like this, and you can easily enjoy your organic salad.


Plant protection

Some herbs such as peppermint or lemon balm behave in a slightly overlapping manner with other herbs in the flower box and spread unchecked. To curb this a little, you can brake the plants underground by digging a halved plastic pot between the plants. So every plant stays on its side of the flower box, and less rabid plants have enough space to develop.


 Five things we don't want to miss in our garden:

  • The first thing to mention is the watering can, of course. Nothing works without it - it is mobile, light, and always full to the brim for thirsty tomato plants in need.
  • What would the watering be without a rain barrel? There is no better water, and on top of that, it falls from the sky for free. The water is always warmed up so that the plants do not suffer a cold shock when watering.
  • It doesn't win a beauty award and takes up a lot of space, but we won't give away our green composter anymore. It digests everything that the kitchen and garden have left and produces the finest organic fertilizers.
  • Our wild strawberries are indispensable - they have no fool's freedom and can do whatever they want as ground cover. The small plants suppress weeds and offer delicious fruits.
  • Our rose arch with the forest honeysuckle not only smells fantastic on a mild summer evening but also provides shade.


Some garden life hacks are unbelievable at first sight. You can even start applying other methods in your home to not only live more sustainable but more efficient.

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