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Waste reduction for minimalists in 5 steps

December 03, 2019

Living with less waste and being minimalistic goes hand in hand.

You already reduce a lot of CO2 emissions by dedicating to a minimalistic lifestyle. But minimalism doesn’t you live with 2 shirts for the rest of your life. It takes a conscious approach to how we consume and buy goods. That’s why a lot of people even call it essentialism.

The benefits of minimalism are having more time and money for your own goals. Spend less time with thinking about what you should buy next. Instead, concentrate on the essential things. For instance, minimalism is important for us to spend our money consciously on products which avoid plastic.

Picking up trash at a stone beach for the masaii waste reduction movement

Becoming a minimalist doesn’t happen over night. It’s a long process with constantly different circumstances. If you want to include a more minimalistic approach in your life, challenge yourself and don’t forget: The good things in life need time. You just have to use your time efficiently. With the following 5 steps, we will show you how:

1. Use a washing bag instead of a washing machine

Washing machines can be an expensive investment, especially when you choose the most eco-friendly model. Not only your bank account but also the environment can benefit from a washing bag. Scrubba provided a great washing a 145g lightweight alternative to handwash your clothes with only 0.5 to 1.5 per load.

2. Sort out your wardrobe

Less choice feels way easier to deal with when picking an outfit for the day. Having too much choice can be stressing, especially when time is running. With the current fast shopping trend, having only the essential clothes in your wardrobe can be a great way to make a statement.

3. Reuseable instead of plastic

Our nature is suffering from plastic waste. Replace your daily plastic products with reuseable goods instead. For example: Take a bag with you for grocery shopping instead of buying a new plastic bag for every visit.

 4. Use your own water bottle

If your local tap water is clean enough, fill your water bottle with it instead of buying new plastic bottles from the supermarket. Make sure to use BPA-free and non-toxic silicon.

 5. Learn more from great minimalistic content creators

Hopefully, a few of these steps could help you in some way out. If you want to learn more about minimalism, feel free to dive into the youtube channels of Matt D'Avella or Heal Your Living and get inspired with new ideas. 

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