Easily Remove Waste Products

January 14, 2020

Which rubbish in which bin? In some cases, it is not so easy to decide which trash can they belong in. Even with the supposedly easy to assess glass, there are some hurdles. Colourful bottles wander into the green glass. This mixture can cope with the most significant proportion of possible false colours when it melts.

Many garbage trucks pick up and empty the bins fully automatically. But that doesn't always work smoothly. If the way to the glass container is too far, you can ask the landlord whether a particular bin for used glass can be provided. However, there is no entitlement to this. Waste disposal companies do not even offer such a ton in all municipalities.

If particular waste glass bins are available, the tenants must adhere to the specified disposal times. These are usually outside of the rest periods. Anyone who disposes of used glass at night and thereby disturbs the peace of the neighbours is at risk of being warned by the landlord.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, the closures must be disposed of separately. That means they come in the yellow bin or the yellow sack. Paper and bottles, as well as other attachments made of plastic or metal, may remain on the other hand. They are removed in the reprocessing. Collecting bottle corks is also worthwhile: they can be processed into insulation materials. Here you will find cork collection points near you.

In some cases, however, the sorting machines can sort out the lid of the glass packaging. However, this is only possible if the covers are unscrewed. Then you can also throw the closures into the glass container.

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