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9 Sustainable Kitchen Life Hacks

December 11, 2019

A small touch here, a small change there and you spend less food, less packaging and save money. Making the kitchen more sustainable can be easier than you think.

Everyone knows you can do help the environment by riding your bike or walking instead of taking the car, or by thinking to turn off the lights. But how can you live more environmentally conscious in the kitchen and around it? But what does it mean to "make the kitchen more sustainable"? Roughly speaking, it means that with only a few tricks and small changes in your everyday life, you take care to protect the environment.


1. Keep food

What you cook too much of, fill in food boxes and eat the next day or the day after.

2. Buy quality kitchen utensils

You're better off if you invest a little money in your kitchen inventory. In the long term, you do not have to buy a new "10-Dollar" pan every six months. You also save valuable raw materials.

Kitchen utensils for more waste reduction by masaii

3. Shop locally and plant yourself

Local ingredients are grown around your town and therefore is not imported from far and wide. Therefore, your carbon footprint is lower.

4. Store kitchen products in sustainable containers

Instead of covering food scraps with aluminium or cling film, it makes sense to fill everything in plastic jars or glasses.

5. Use the right tea

Buying loose tea often saves you money (because of the amounts), has better taste and protects the environment by producing less waste.

6. Apron and cloths instead of kitchen paper

Instead of spending money on paper towels every week, you can rub your hands on cloth towels or your apron.

7. Buy dry food in higher quantities

Buying dry ingredients, such as flour, nuts, sugar or pasta, in larger quantities not only saves you time and money but also consumes less packaging.

Unpackaged nuts for less waste

8. Recycle your garbage

Enough said.

9. Consider the expiration date as the "minimum" expiration date

In general, the given expiration time is often too cautious, and thus some food is thrown away.

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