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Health Benefits of Pineapple Leaves

November 21, 2021

Christoper Columbus and the discovery of America go hand in hand. Still, we are aware that Columbus was the person who brought pineapple to Europe after the expedition to South America. Yes, it’s a fact that surprisingly even we came to know today, and guess you too.



  1. Health benefits of pineapples
  2. Why pineapple Leaves are healthy
  3. Significant constituents of pineapple leaves
  4. Preparation of Pineapple leaves tea
  5. Conclusion


Pineapple is a rich source of nutrients which has multiple health benefits on consuming them regularly. It helps to cure multiple ailments such as aiding digestion, boosting immunity, and speeding up the recovery for surgeries.


Health benefits of pineapples

This excellent fruit has some impressive health benefits, which are:

Pinepple ingedrients pie chart


  1. Loaded with nutrients – This fruit is low in calories but has an impressive nutrient profile. It contains vitamin A, C, and K, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, and manganese. Pineapple helps in growth and development, healthy immune system, and aids in absorbing iron from the diet.
  2. Antioxidants – Pineapple is loaded with rich and healthy antioxidants known as flavonoids and phenolic acids, which help our body combat oxidative stress. The antioxidants allow surviving harsher conditions in the body producing long-lasting effects and reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes.
  3. Ease digestion – Pineapple is a source of digestive enzymes – bromelain, which functions as proteas, breaking the protein molecules and is easily absorbed across the small intestine. The process is helpful for people suffering from pancreatic insufficiency. The pancreas cannot make enough digestive enzymes.
  4. Boosts immunity and suppresses inflammation – Pineapple contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which collectively help to boost immunity and suppress the inflammation as it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Speedy recovery after surgery – Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain in pineapple, it reduces the time taken to recover from surgery or exercise. Bromelain helps to reduce the inflammation, swelling, brushing, and pain that occurs after the surgery.


Why pineapple Leaves are healthy

Pineapple leaves that are discarded, considered waste products, which helps your household to become more eco-friendly, are packed with great nutrients, are also very beneficial for health, are rich in phenols, and have excellent healing properties.

Researchers speculate pineapple leaves may contain bioactive compounds that help cure a common cold, heart conditions, and diabetes. The pineapple leaves are not recommended to be eaten directly but can boil in water and have a simple tea or add sweetener for taste.

The leaves are of high medicinal value, and its regular intake has the following health benefits:

  1. Heal sore throat – Sore throat happens due to cold breeze and viral attack, and this sickness can be cured with pineapple leaves that have medicinal effects that soothe the throat and keep it protected.
  2. Energy booster – When you feel lethargic, staying the whole day on the bed can lead to long-run health issues when pineapple leaves come to your rescue as they are packed with necessary nutrients to make you feel full of energy.
  3. Aids indigestion – Indigestion and stomach problems are very common due to the consumption of junk food. To cure it, you can try adding pineapple leaves to your tea as a part of your diet, helping to detoxify the body and improving bowel movements.
  4. Boosts immune system – In the current pandemic situation, we need to pay attention to our health and immune system to fight those external bacteria and viruses. Pineapple leaves tea helps keep these microorganisms away from your body, increasing the immune system.
  5. Cures flu – Suffering from flu for a long time and no medicines are helping to cure, then just switch to drinking boiled pineapple leaves the water after waking up and before going to sleep to get the best results.
  6. Heals bleeding from nose – People experiencing regular bleeding nose because of fatigue and stress can cure it by drinking boiled pineapple leaves regularly. You can add honey to make it tastier.
  7. Treats bruises – Applying the paste of pineapple leaves to the wounded area helps treat bruises and is considered an alternative to allopathic medicines as a natural drug.
  8. Prevents cancer – Pineapple is directly related to preventing cancer of the mouth, throat, and breast as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, beta-carotene, bromelain, flavonoids, and manganese. Manganese is a highly potent free radical scavenger that is associated with the prevention of various cancers.
  9. Improves bone health – Pineapple is rich in manganese, a trace mineral essential for strengthening the bones as their growth and repair.
  10. Controls diabetes – Pineapple is rich in fiber and thus an excellent food for diabetics, and intake of leaves results in improved blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels.


Significant constituents of pineapple leaves

  • Calcium Oxalate
  • Fiber
  • Cellulose
  • Pentose
  • Bromelain enzyme
  • Pectic substantial

Preparation of Pineapple leaves tea

  • Take a handful of leaves and wash them thoroughly.
  • Boil for 15 minutes.
  • Allow it to cool and add honey to taste.
  • Consume it in the morning before breakfast and at night before going to bed.


In case you want to check out other recipes worth mentioning, have a look here:


Pineapple was earlier known to be an exotic fruit with a delicate aroma and sweet taste, and it was served only at lavish banquets. To learn more about environmental shopping, have a look into our article. However, now pineapples have become very common and are readily available in the market in solid, dried, and juice form, so get on to reap the benefits of this excellent fruit and its leaves in the best possible way.


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