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Questions for a Greener Footprint in 2020

May 30, 2020

We want to provide you with ideas for New Year's resolutions that are environment-friendly and socially compatible. Instead of telling you what to do, here are some questions and suggestions for a more sustainable year.


Questions for a Greener Footprint in 2020


Can your diet be made even more climate-friendly?

Changing your diet can be done by ditching more meat or even animal products, by purchasing primarily organically grown products, by participating in solidary agriculture or by buying from other regional sources, such as the weekly market. A lot of food is still thrown away, which has caused emissions due to production, transport, etc. A conscious purchase of the required amount of food contributes to climate protection.


Can your household be optimized?

Maybe you still have halogen spots somewhere that can be replaced by LEDs. Perhaps you could replace one or the other old window. Are there still a few electrical devices that can be freed from extended stand-by modes with switchable multiple plugs? If you make a not-yet-planned energy-saving investment in your household, this can contribute to climate protection.


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Can you switch to more environment-friendly companies?

Sustainably positioned companies take social, ethical and ecological aspects into account. Switching to another electricity provider, eco-friendly supermarket, health insurance or financial institution can help combat climate change, environmental degradation and resource depletion.


Can you book an eco-friendly hotel?

Many hoteliers combine environmental protection and sustainability in the hotel with high costs. However, this does not have to be the case. Many paths lead to a sustainable future for hotels. It doesn't have to be the most expensive green electricity or the high-tech photovoltaic system.

When it comes to protecting the environment for hotels: "Small cattle also make rubbish". Besides, modernization and digitization offer enormous savings potential. So it is a question of your ideas and internal possibilities to make your hotel more environmentally friendly.

1. Environmentally friendly cleaning in the hotel
Clean your hotel with environmentally friendly cleaning agents that relieve nature. Especially in the hotel, where cleanliness is a high priority, you should pay attention to biodegradable cleaning agents. Most of them are also more skin-friendly and also better tolerated for guests suffering from allergies. Sustainable hotelier should also rely on great packaging. The 10-litre container is filled into smaller bottles. In this way, you relieve the burden on the environment as well as your wallet and save additional packaging waste.

2. Lighting in the hotel
Upgrade in your hotel by using modern LEDs. This saves you energy and money. LED lamps in hotels use up to 90% less energy than conventional lights. On average, the share of energy consumption for lighting in the hotel industry is 30%. This means that LEDs can effectively save up to 27% of the energy consumption in the hotel. In addition, the lifespan of LEDs is up to 25 times longer than that of their power-consuming predecessors. Also, the maintenance effort and replacement and repair work are reduced.

3. Water-saving showerheads and aerators in the hotel room
Reduce your water consumption in the hotel drastically with water-saving showerheads in the shower and aerators (also known as aerators or mixing nozzles) on the tap.

  • Unique showerheads cost just a few euros more than conventional ones and save up to 60 per cent on water consumption.
  • Added to this is the saved energy for hot water preparation. At the cost of around 5 euros per cubic meter of water, a lot of money quickly comes together.
  • The purchase pays for itself in a concise time and shows effects in both water consumption and energy consumption.


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