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Uncommon DIY Tips to be More Eco-friendly

April 14, 2020

Life Hacks are small, smart tricks that make everyday life more comfortable, solve technical problems or repair at a low cost. There are countless tricks which quickly resolve a "crackle". Some of them even have a sustainable character. We have put together three useful life hacks for everyday use with an environmentally friendly side effect.


DIY Eco Friendly Tips


Used tea bags as a smell killer

Even used tea bags can be used a second time in a variety of ways. Muffy shoes or refrigerators smell neutral after a "treatment" with dried teabags again. These are particularly suitable tea bags with peppermint tea or lemon balm tea. Leave the dry tea bag in the shoes or the fridge for a few hours. Moisture is absorbed, and the kitchen appliance as well as the shoes smell pleasant again or expensive deodorants.


Walnuts against scratches in wooden furniture

Fresh walnuts easily refill small scratches in wooden furniture. Remove the peel and either rub the walnut directly over the scratch or gently "rub" the nut into the wood with a soft cloth. Nut mass fills the recessed area, the various shades of brown make the scratch invisible, and the oil of walnut nourishes the wood. Protects the purse, repairs and maintains without chemicals.


Freeze raw eggs

Eggs that are not needed at the moment or egg yolk, egg white that has been leftover from baking, can quickly be frozen raw. The eggs are frozen without peel and do not change their consistency. Whole eggs mix after thawing, but can be used just like fresh eggs that do not need to be separated. This way, the shelf life can be extended and "backrests" recycled.


Clean wooden tables with toothpaste

Unsightly water stains on wooden tables can be removed entirely with toothpaste. Moisten a cloth and put a dollop of toothpaste on the water's edge. Rub briefly with the fabric, leave to soak and wipe off. The stain has already disappeared. This saves grinding work or harsh cleaners.


Freeze herbs

You don't have to throw away non-winterproof herbs from the garden or leftover, fresh herbs, but can be frozen without any problems. With some herbs, freezing is even more beneficial than drying, since their vital substances and their essential oils are better preserved. Most herbs are washed, chopped, and then frozen with a little water in ice cube trays or small cans.

Thyme can, e.g. freeze completely and loosely in the bag. For cooking, if your try to shop eco-friendly, add the frozen herbs directly to the food to maintain the aroma. Frozen herbs last up to 12 months.


Use carrot greens

Very few people know what to do with the beautiful, green bunch of carrots and throw it away. The leaves and stems of carrots have a wonderful aroma and chopped up like parsley for salad dressings or soups. They are also a unique flavor carrier in pesto or smoothies and are healthy at the same time.


Used tea bags as an odor killer

Even used tea bags can be used a second time in a variety of ways. Musty shoes or refrigerators smell neutral again after a "treatment" with dried teabags. Teabags with mint tea or lemon balm tea are particularly suitable for this. Put the dry tea bag in your shoes or leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Moisture is absorbed, and the kitchen appliance and shoes smell pleasant again or expensive deodorant.


Sparkling aluminum rims in seconds

Who would have thought that liquid gall soap works wonders on dirty aluminum rims? Put a good shot of gall soap is pure, warm cleaning water, and use it to clean the aluminum rims. Without a lot of scrubbing, all four shine like new again in a few minutes. Gall soap is environmentally friendly and much cheaper than a special agent for removing stains.


Radiant Christmas decorations

You don't have to leave used food jars in the old glass right away. If you can't use it to store small items, you can use it to make decorative Advent lighting in no time at all. Put the battery-operated light chain from the previous year in a cleaned glass, tie a natural-colored wool ribbon around the closure edge and maybe tie a few "pieces of jewelry" from the forest to it. The self-made, sustainable Christmas light is ready.


Make scented candles yourself

Making natural scented candles is that easy. Coffee beans are placed in a small porcelain or glass bowl until the bottom is covered. Small pieces of a real vanilla stick are spread over it. Now a tealight is placed on the coffee beans and lit. The tea light gently warms the coffee beans and the vanilla pieces, creating a velvety milk coffee scent.


White teeth without chemicals

White teeth are considered the key to attractiveness and a testimony to health. Of course, a lot of money can be spent on whitening or other dubious methods for a bright white smile. Native organic coconut oil is gentler on your wallet and your teeth. The traditional way of "oil pulling" is used to whiten teeth. To do this, take a tablespoon of organic coconut oil in your mouth immediately after getting up and pull the oil through your teeth for about 15 minutes. The oil must never be swallowed, as it removes bacteria and discoloration from the teeth and interdental spaces. If the time is too long for you at the beginning, shorten it by a few minutes. The oil is then spitting into the toilet, and the mouth is rinsed warm. The lighter teeth are visible after approx. 14 days. Small, nice side effect: the coconut oil also dispels unpleasant bad breath.

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