Avoid Plastic in Care Products

December 09, 2019

Plastic that you absorb through your skin, lungs, or intestines must also wander through your body.

For that is an excellent detoxification performance of your body required. We will show you ways in which you do not burden your body unnecessarily at first. And the same with the environment.


Washing hands without plastic

The straightforward and most environmentally friendly option is to use a piece of soap that sits on a natural soap dish at the sink. Who does not want to avoid liquid soap and invest in a plastic-free soap dispenser?

This is not plastic-free, but plastic less. When purchasing the liquid soap, pay attention to a product without microplastic.

Monthly hygiene for women without plastic

The hygiene articles around the female cycle are probably among the biggest waste producers from the bathroom. But there are alternatives:

  • Washable panty liners made of cotton: Not only do they reduce the amount of garbage and co-depleting, but they also reduce the risk of spreading unwanted bacteria and fungi in the vaginal area.

Like grandma and grandpa did it

With the use of fabric handkerchiefs garbage would be saved, even if it is undoubtedly necessary to get used to this form of nose cleaning back at first.

Anyone who does not want to can still reduce plastic by buying paper tissues in paper boxes. Best in recycled quality and unbleached.

More useful tips

If you want to dive deeper into reducing, have a look into this beginners guide for sustainable DIY cleaning products.

Shopping also includes a huge impact on our environment. Make sure to read simple tricks to avoid plastic while shopping.

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