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How to Reduce Waste in School Part 2

February 17, 2020

As we have already covered in part 1, here are some more tips about how to reduce waste in school. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind.

1. Environmentally friendly material in the pencil case

Much of what fits in the pencil case can be replaced with plastic-free objects. For example, you can use a wooden ruler and a metal sharpener. With erasers, you should make sure that they are PCV-free.

Because PVC contains plasticizers that are very bad for the environment. You can recognize this from the fact that they use labels such as "Pro Nature" or "PCV-free". You can also ensure that pens and pens are refillable. So you can at least do a little bit with the trash.


2. Newspaper for binding books and booklets

Are there old newspapers in your home? Then don't throw them away! Many like to use plastic sleeves to bind books and notebooks. However, papers work just as well. Newspapers also ensure that the notebooks and books remain clean and without dog ears. Newsprint can also be used to wrap gifts without plastic.


3. Label both sides

You can save a lot of paper waste by labelling both sides of a sheet - especially useful if you are using a college block. You can also keep old paper sheets and use them later as note sheets.


4. Large packaging instead of small

When shopping for school snacks, pay attention to the packaging. If plastic packaging cannot be avoided, you should at least take care to take the more extensive packaging if possible.

More significant amounts of food, such as yoghurt, can be filled into glasses and taken to school. In order to altogether avoid plastic packaging, it is worth taking a look at unpackaged shops or the weekly market in your city.

There it can be easier for you without buying packaging. In the article plastic-free shopping - it's that easy! You get even more tips for plastic-free shopping.

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