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How to Reduce Waste in School Part 3

February 18, 2020

This final part will show even more tips on how to ditch waste in school. Make sure to be conscious with the actions you take.

1. Use up your old stock

Before you go to the next store and buy new, environmentally friendly alternatives, you should first use up your old stock. Because environmentally friendly materials such as wood are still limited resources.

If you can't wait, you still have the option to give away your old stock which saves someone else from buying new supplies, and you can start right away with the environmentally friendly alternatives.


2. Buy old books instead of new ones

You have to buy some books at school. Instead of buying a new book, get someone an early copy. Many students sell their old books after they no longer need them. If you can't find anything in your area, have a look at rebuy! In addition to protecting the environment, you also save a lot of money.


3. Avoid the snacks from the machine

In school cafeterias, there are usually vending machines with snacks or drinks. However, the snacks are always wrapped in plastic; the drinks are filled in plastic bottles. Instead of buying a snack from the machine during the break, it is better to take a little more food.

The same applies to drinks. But maybe you can convince the school to use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles?


4. Educate children - collect rubbish at school

Children are mostly not yet aware of the effects of trash on our planet. At many schools, however, projects on plastic recycling and plastic waste in the environment are already taking place to educate the students. In the plans, the recycling system in Germany is playfully explained to the children. They are also informed about the pollution of the earth.

Many children react very sympathetically once they understand the problem. Avoiding garbage at school is the first important step for a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Nevertheless, despite all sorts of tricks, rubbish will accumulate in the school. So-called "garbage collection days" can help to reduce garbage on the school premises. On these days, school classes collect the rubbish lying around on the floor and other surfaces. If there is no such project taking place at your child's school, speak to the next parents' meeting.


Garbage prevention at school made easy

As you can see, reducing trash in the classrooms is easy. With the right awareness of the environment, we can keep schools, universities, but also offices and other facilities clean.

Even if the first steps towards environmental protection in schools are already made, there is still a long way to go. It is all the more critical that we tackle the problem instead of looking away.


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