Tips for Avoiding More Plastic

December 22, 2019

Plastic is omnipresent. For the environment, people and animals. It is a real challenge to avoid plastic entirely in everyday life. But the plastic can be reduced by just a few small changes. From now on, from the next purchase. This list of 9 tips shows how you can live more plastic-free.


Avoiding Plastic Together by masaii


1) Reduced plastic shopping in the supermarket

Buy reusable and do without disposable packaging. In supermarkets there are often alternatives to plastic packaging: fruit, vegetables and herbs are also available loose, milk, cream, yoghurt, oil, vinegar, ketchup or mustard are available in glass bottles.

2) Do not use an extra plastic bag

Fruit and vegetables, in particular, are already packed thanks to their natural skin. At home, we clean, wash and cook the goods again anyway. Carrots, peppers, tomatoes or apples can also be placed loosely on the belt.

3) Do not buy more products packed in plastic

The XXL biscuit pack in triple plastic film? No thanks!
Instead of handkerchiefs in individual packages, it is better to buy handkerchiefs in a cardboard dispenser (by the way, they are also made from recycled paper!).

4) Avoid ready meals and cook yourself instead

Instead of buying plastic supermarket rolls, buy rolls from the bakery.
At the local bakery, the bread can also be packed directly into a cloth bread bag.
As packaging bags for e.g. B. fruits and vegetables - but also as garbage bags - can also serve old newspapers. There is a folding instruction here.

5) Find out about alternative shopping locations

On the market, in farm shops, at farmers, in speciality shops, in the organic supermarket or in “unpacked” shops, you can shop with reduced plastic. Here the goods can also go straight into the cloth bag or the container you brought with you.


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