Avoid plastic waste when shopping

December 04, 2019

Cucumbers, limes and peppers in foil, sliced ​​cheese and cold cuts in plastic packaging, yoghurt in plastic cups. Who buys food and unpacks at home, is usually in front of a neat plastic mountain.

This waste is becoming more and more of a problem worldwide because it is mostly not recycled and pollutes nature and the seas.

The easiest way to downsize your plastic mountain

Do without plastic, if there are alternatives such as unpackaged fruits and vegetables, as it is offered in markets. Milk and yoghurt are usually also available in glass containers. But even with glass: the life cycle assessment is generally only useful if it is used multiple times and comes from the region. Instead of buying plastic bags, it is helpful to use fabric bags repeatedly.

Glass bottles instead of plastic bottles can help your waste reduction

Many supermarkets sell reusable nets that are reminiscent of laundry bags and in which fruit and vegetables can be transported multiple times. They weigh a bit more than the classic plastic knot bag, so some supermarkets offer variants with a barcode label that automatically calculates the net weight of the item at the scanner cash register.

However, this only works in the supermarket or discount chains where customers have bought the bag. If the network comes from another store, customers have to take out the goods at the checkout or accept the small surcharge. Unfortunately, the reusable nets are usually made of plastic fibres such as polyester.

How you should treat your household

In the household without plastic food, containers are practical and can be used over and over again as a foil. It is easier than buying in the supermarket to do without plastic in the household: glasses instead of plastic cups, metal cutlery instead of disposable forks, tap water instead of mineral water, fresh food boxes instead of cling film. It not only reduces the amount of waste but also saves you money.


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