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Sustainable Tips and Tricks by masaii

Did you know that you can replace almost all your everyday plastic companions with a sustainable, more durable alternative? Today we introduce you to 9 tips and tricks that fit perfectly into the less-waste lifestyle!

1) masaii bracelets

masaii offers a variety of handcrafted bracelets made out of natural stones. Find out which style fits you best and support waste reduction. Each bracelet sold from our Stones of Kāne Collection converts to help remove 50lbs of waste.

2) Toothbrushes

The bamboo toothbrush has become more and more popular in recent years, and not only among avowed "Zero-waster"! More and more people realize that switching from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes is incredibly easy: the brushes stay the same, only the handle changes. After use, the toothbrush can simply be disposed of organic waste.

3) Shampoo

Conventional shampoo is still bottled in plastic bottles and is, therefore anything but sustainable. As an alternative, solid shampoo can be used, the shape of which usually resembles an ordinary piece of curd soap. In many unpackaged shops, but meanwhile also in the drugstore, you can find solid shampoo, even for different hair types!

4) Conditioner

The same applies to conditioners as to shampoos: usually only available in plastic bottles and therefore very harmful to the environment. As a household remedy, you can simply use apple cider vinegar: Mix 4 teaspoons with enough cold water (at least 1 liter) and after shampooing add to damp hair.

5) Make-up remover products

Make-up remover wipes and micelle water in combination with cotton pads are fast-living products because they end up in the garbage immediately after use. As an alternative, oils such as coconut, avocado or plain olive oil are highly recommended. In combination with fabric make-up remover cloths sustainable!

6) Shaver

Shaving handles are almost always made of plastic. Fortunately, there is also a solution here: shaving planes are made of metal and therefore last almost an eternity! The application requires some patience and a steady hand in the beginning, but with time this is no longer a problem.

7) Straws and disposable crockery

Plastic straws and disposable crockery in general, have been criticized for a long time. Straws, for example, can easily be replaced by those made of metal, stainless steel or glass, which can be bought for little money. Disposable tableware can be replaced by sustainable alternatives made from palm leaves or sugar cane.

8) Lunch bags

Instead of wrapping your bread in aluminum or cling film, it's worth investing in a lunch box. You can reuse it forever and it usually offers space for much more than a sandwich!

9) Beverages from plastic bottles

Water, juices, soft drinks, and teas don't always have to be transported in plastic bottles! Our tap water is of excellent quality, so supermarket water can be easily avoided. You can also fill other drinks into reusable drinking bottles.

It's easy to make your life more sustainable. Of course, it is difficult to renounce all plastic products overnight; instead, we should try to gradually change our routines to reusable products. The alternatives suggested above are therefore intended to give you some inspiration.

Take a step forward!