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Buy 2 Items and enjoy Free Shipping

The Waste Reduction Movement

Our sight of nature is beautiful - let’s erase the waste within

Every action we take for the environment has consequences, whether it is positive or negative. By visiting surfcamps each year, we noticed a huge gap between how tourists, beach-lovers and other citizens valued our nature. Some cover our nature with waste and others clean it up.

“What a controversy.” you might think. Why should I treat something bad if I enjoy its company? Why should I clean up others messes? 

Don’t get us wrong, no one can be perfect in terms of waste. If you want to change your green footprint, you will make mistakes from the beginning. Whether it be plastic usage, recycling the right way or grocery shopping: There is a lot new to learn and figure out for ourselves.

Every huge difference starts with a small step in the right direction. Even learning one new thing every single day, makes you well informed over the course of time.

With this in mind, take your first step now and feel free to read our provided articles below.

Take a step forward!