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How to Avoid Travel Cosmetics Waste

January 13, 2020

When you're on vacation, you don't want to worry about the environment. Given the massive plastic pollution of the seas, this is not only urgently necessary but also much easier than you think. Here is a tip on how to avoid cosmetic plastic as a traveller.

Nowadays, most people buy cosmetics such as shampoo and shower gel in small sizes before going on a flight. But this only produces more plastic waste. A smart alternative is to buy reusable tubes or bottles in small quantities to refill existing cosmetic products. These can be purchased, for example, from silicone or metal from various providers for little money. When you arrive at the hotel, it is also worthwhile not to use the packed soap from the hotel, but instead to take some with you on the trip.

You can now also buy recycled razors and toothbrushes made of bamboo if you want to do without plastic in your cosmetics. The last rule of thumb to keep in mind: almost all cosmetics contain a lot of microplastics (including sunscreen!). The switch to natural cosmetics is also an effective measure against the plastic pollution of the oceans.

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