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Buy 2 Items and enjoy Free Shipping

To support our beliefs we donate to the Surfrider Foundation, which is a grassroots, environmental organization dedicated to the protection of oceans and beaches around the world. Established in 1990, the Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit organization dedicated to the defense, rescue, improvement and maintenance of the oceans, coasts, waves and the people who use and enjoy them.

While Surfrider not only provides a great solution to contribute positively to our environment, they emphasize on various aspects:

Plastic pollution: Today's tragedy is the pollution of our oceans and their marine citizens. By reducing the impact of plastics, Surfrider prevents more damage.

Ocean Protection: Surfrider defends our oceans from challenges threatening the vitality of the ecosystem.

Beach Access: Have you been to a beach which was just too dirty to enjoy? Surfrider tries to work with decision-makers and ensure full and fair beach access.

- Coastal Preservation: They are taking on issues, concerning our beaches and natural shorelines.

- Clean Water: By trying to protect the health and sustainability of our planet's most precious resource, Surfrider takes a step in the right direction for a healthier future.

By volunteering to Surfrider's network, you can become a part of their movement and first respond to local threats in coastal communities across the US. Not only will you be able to collaborate on local and national level with regional staff and experts, but also carry out their eco-friendly message through campaigns, programs, and educational initiatives.

Our goal is to spread an environmental message further across our generation. In order to do that, we invest our time and profit into developing more outreach. We are grateful for every support that we get.

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