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3 Life Hacks for a Sustainable Home

December 06, 2019

Ever wondered what you can do to reduce waste production and design your day more efficiently? These simple life hacks bring sustainability into the house quickly and easily. Make more out of your daily activities.

1. Natural fertilizer made from coffee and eggshells

Coffee grounds can do a lot more. It is also well suited as a fertilizer for the vegetable patch and the room or balcony plants because it contains numerous minerals. However, it can be over acidic. You minimize this effect with the sub-mixture of finely crumbed, calcium-containing eggshells or with lime-containing tap water.

Greens from vegetables are better for you than your garbage bin

2. Use the greens from vegetables

You like to eat carrots, rands, radishes or kohlrabi, but the leaves land on the compost? It tastes just this part of many veggies amazingly well - and is still healthy. For example, you can find even more vitamins in the cabbage leaf than in the much-noticed tuber.

3. Cooking water for your plants

The cooking water of hard-boiled eggs is also an excellent fertilizer. It provides plenty of boiled calcium, which is suitable for flowers and vegetables. In the same way, you can handle the cooking water of the potatoes. It contains, among other things, potassium - a mineral, which many commercial fertilizers contain. Alternatively, you mix the contents of a used tea bag into the ground.


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