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Buy 2 Items and enjoy Free Shipping

Second-hand is Sustainable and Here is Why

December 15, 2019

Sustainable shopping is second-hand shopping. Second-hand maintains the cycle by which well-preserved clothing is not thrown away - but passed on. According to studies, extending the life of a piece of clothing by nine months can reduce its environmental impact by 20 to 30%.

Second-hand clothing is the sustainable choice for you green footprint

Producing new clothes is not only about resource consumption, but also chemicals that pose a significant danger to the environment and people in the producing countries. And yet, the price pressure is causing many fashion companies to produce their collections with sometimes questionable processes and substances. In addition, used textiles are often burned. The production creates toxic vapours that become an unfiltered part of our air.

You can find second-hand in online platforms, at flea markets or second-hand shops, where you can shop sustainably, or old treasures get a new owner. By the way, vintage is everything from the age of at least 20 years. You can also get clothing and accessories from famous style icons at unique shopping campaigns.

The second-hand offer is becoming ever wider: In addition to designer clothes, there are vintage shops with fashion from specific decades and clothing exchanges where you can leave a sorted out item of clothing and take something new with you.

Find out more in Melissa Alexandria's video about second-hand benefits:


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