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Make Your Household More Eco-Friendy

December 10, 2019

Ten years ago, when sustainability and environmental protection were laughed at or ridiculed, there is now even a trend towards sustainability - with a few simple tips and tricks, this can easily succeed in living, too. The ice at the poles is melting faster and faster, the climate is warming up - and environmental protection is becoming more and more of an issue.

Glass, cardboard and jute instead of plastic

Where we are already shopping: The plastic bag has served its purpose. It is better to take a jute bag. They do not cost much, are lightweight and can be stowed away in any bag. They are still environmentally friendly. You should also prefer returnable glass bottles for drinks. Packaging-free supermarkets are also neat and available in almost every major city. It is worthwhile to learn a little about such shopping opportunities nearby. Do not forget food containers or preserving jars!

Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag to Reduce Waste with Every Single Purchase



Chemical muds damage the mucous membranes and are also bad for the environment when they enter the sewage. It is better to rely on biodegradable detergents, which cause fewer allergies and skin irritations.

Especially in the nursery, you should refrain from aggressive cleaning products. By the way, it does not hurt to involve the children in cleaning. This is how they learn early on how to ensure order and clean it sustainably. And another tip: how about children's toys with biological alternatives instead of plastic and plastic? Wood is not full of dangerous plasticizers and can withstand many generations!

Make sure to look into this video for helpful DIY eco-cleaning products.

Reusable products

The worst enemies of sustainability are disposable products. In the long run, they not only go into money but also produce a lot of unnecessary waste. Instead of cotton pads and facial tissues, there are microfibre cloths that you can wash and reuse. Cloth cleaning cloths are also significantly more sustainable than the good old kitchen roll. Paper napkins should be a thing of the past anyway.


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