A Guide to Bead Bracelets for Men

January 04, 2020

Is there something like too much jewelry for men? Sure, but mostly it's about your subjective opinion of the topic. In addition to the wedding rings and a wristwatch, most men do not wear jewelry. Even bracelets are a sensible choice but can be a complimenting addition to your outfit.

After all, there is not just one bracelet, but different styles and little things that you should pay attention to when choosing. It is essential to recognize the importance of a men's bracelet in your outfit. It does not differ from other pieces of jewelry, such as a necklace or a ring. A bracelet is worn to set a unique accent - but not as the heart of the outfit.

If you prefer comfortable linen trousers in combination with a tropical shirt, then leather, rope and pearl bracelets look great in this look. The men's bracelet has the same task in each of the two outfits mentioned above: It emphasizes the overall picture.

How do you wear men's bracelets?

A problem with wearing bracelets is the fact that most classic men's fashion leaves no room for it. Unless you already make sure when buying the clothes that the suit and the shirt cuffs offer enough room to wear a bracelet. However, this is usually not the case, which is why most bracelets can probably be seen in summer if you wear appropriately short clothing.

Still, there are 3 golden rules to keep in mind that it looks like you're not just wearing the men's bracelets awkwardly.

  1. Treat bracelets like wristwatches - they stay on your skin, hidden under the sleeve that is long enough to cover them.
  2. Stack as many thin leather or rope bracelets on the same wrist as you like.
  3. Care should be taken not to wear the same bracelets on both wrists — an absolute no-go.

As always, rules can be broken. Nevertheless, especially when you are just starting to wear men's bracelets, you should follow the rules. At least until you have developed a corresponding feeling for wearing and combining bracelets for men.

Beaded bracelets for men

Beaded bracelets are much more casual and easier to combine than metal bracelets. These are available in different forms, strengths and types of wrapping. Bracelets with polished beads are a classic accessory for surfers or beach-holiday-makers. If you like it a bit more rustic, you can use bracelets made of rope or sail rope. Definitely, the first choice if you want to enjoy it for a long time.

In the business sector, such rope or beaded bracelets are certainly not the first choices. Of course, the job itself is always vital. If you work in financial accounting and have no direct customer contact, you can carry it. In the field, you should instead do without it. Especially in creative professions, such as the graphics and advertising industry, there is nothing wrong with rope and knotted bracelets for men.

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